Project management means getting things done, and it is also a profession guided by the standards of the Project Management Institute (PMI). The members of the Amarillo Chapter of PMI include project management professionals with a variety of backgrounds, but with a common interest in giving back to the local community by advancing the practice and understanding of project management (PM) principles to assist area non-profits. In other words, we want to help you get things done!

PM specialists excel at planning and implementing unique, finite-duration endeavors. PM principles may apply to your ongoing operations, but our practitioners are certified in completing a specific deliverable or other unique undertaking within a limited time. Some examples include planning/ running an event, creating a strategic plan, completing a grant application or other complex documentation, developing a new capability or service … or other effort where collecting requirements, building a team, creating a plan, and then delivering the goods on time and on budget is critical to your success. We can also train and coach your staff/volunteers in PM principles and techniques. While we may not be experts in your field of operations, if you can provide the technical knowledge and expertise then we can help you get organized and complete your projects.

Non-profit organizations are frequently constrained by budget, volunteer availability, and changing environments or expectations. The programs and services provided are crucial for many recipients, and so the quality and consistency of the organization’s deliverables can have life-changing impact. Project management practices can provide an achievable plan which accounts for multiple variables and provides a greater opportunity for successful projects.

The services we provide may include:

  • Initiating your project: clarifying the goals, funding, stakeholders and other important parameters to understand if a project is achievable.
  • Planning: defining the scope of work and deliverables, developing a schedule, budget, communication and quality plans, identifying and correcting weaknesses in your plan, and finding opportunities to exceed expectations.
  • Executing: managing the team, monitoring work, communicating with stakeholders, controlling scope, schedule, quality, and cost, and presenting deliverables.
  • Closing: completing reports and documenting lessons learned.

The Amarillo Chapter of PMI is reaching out to local non-profit organizations to understand how we may be able to help you accomplish your goals. Of course, any services our members provide would be pro-bono. Please contact us using the form below.


Project Management Services Provided by PMI Amarillo Chapter

Apr 2017 – PMI Amarillo Chapter participated in planning and execution of multiple projects as part of the 2017 Day of Caring by the United Way of Amarillo and Canyon (UWAC).  PMI’s efforts allowed the UWAC team to focus on getting more projects and sponsors, and the result was the doubling of the number of volunteers and projects vs. 2016. The Day of Caring organizing committee has requested PMI’s involvement in the planning/execution of next year’s event, when even more projects will be attempted.  A summary video on the event here:

For chapter members or prospective members: to learn more about ongoing volunteer project efforts, please visit this page: