Xcel Energy

Location:790 S. Buchanon, Amarillo, TX

PMI Amarillo Chapter meetings may be held at Xcel Energy’s regional headquarters at 790 S. Buchanan in downtown Amarillo. Parking is on the ground floor of the building, with entrances to the garage on 7th and 8th Streets. Xcel Energy visitor spaces are on the Buchanan St. (East) side of the garage. (Other parking on the ground floor of the building is reserved for City of Amarillo employees, but parking enforcement does not occur after normal hours (as of this writing).)

Entry to the building is in the South-East corner of the garage; through the double doors. A button on the right side of the doors will connect to security. Explain that you will attend the PMI meeting and the door will open to a lobby with elevators. Use either elevator to go to the 4th floor and proceed through the double-doors to the security desk. Tell the security guard you are attending the PMI meeting, and then follow the signs to the meeting room.

If garage parking is not available, street-level parking is available on all sides of the building (S. Pierce/S. Buchanan/ SE 7th/SE 8th), or in the city parking garage one block north.

Before 6pm, the building entrance on S. Buchanan St (about halfway between 7th and 8th) opens into the elevator lobby described above. This entrance locks at 6pm with no connection to security. This entrance may be used to exit to Buchanan after the meeting.